Research Agenda

For the foreseeable future I will be working on my dissertation project. I am to publish several articles and eventually a book from this.

Beyond my dissertation, I aim to build a more expansive research program. Substantively, I would like to examine a greater variety of historical transnational movements and far-right coalitions.

Methodologically, I seek to combine the tools of machine-learning and network analysis with rich causal narratives—a type of mixed-methods relationalism that is rare in political science, but fairly common in sociology.

Working Papers

  • [with Simon Frankel Pratt] “A Broader View of Relational IR” (most recently presented at ISA-NE, November 2017).

  • “What Can IR Contribute to the Study of Far-Right Populism?”

  • “Socialization or Resistance? The European Parliament and the Rise of Right-Wing Populism” (most recently presented at ISA, March 2019).

  • “Transnational Far-Right Populism, Hegemony, and World Order.”